The 5 Day Energy Charge

An instant boost for your energy levels

The 5 Day Energy Charge is for people who have a copy of the book or audiobook, "Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out."

It contains 5 guided Energy Relaxations that will teach you the first basics of daily relaxation for having more energy. If you don't have a copy of the book you can buy it here in several different formats. Then you will gain free access to this course.

Course (audiobook + text + guided exercises)

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Sarah McCrum
Sarah McCrum

About the instructor

Hi, I’m Sarah. I teach business owners how to master their personal energy so they never burn out. Ultimately my goal is for you to have an outstanding personal and business life - combining success with happiness, inner peace and purpose.

I trained with Chinese masters for 22 years, spent 10 years making radio programmes for the BBC and in 2000 I created a business that brought this knowledge to thousands of leaders of large and small businesses in London (including Virgin Media, HP, the global leaders of banks and financial institutions and many others).

I now live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and I run a membership program called Energy On Demand that helps business owners maintain themselves in top shape every day.

What's included?

5 Audios
2.0 hrs