Open Your Heart

For people who want to heal close relationships

This course helps you heal your most challenging relationship problems and find love and connection again.

It gives you a simple 12 step formula for solving relationship problems and opening your heart. It shows you why your closest relationships have hurt you so much that you closed down. And how to turn things around so you open up again and reconnect with love, true forgiveness and the feeling of being fully alive.

Just imagine...

...being able to look at a person who has hurt you many times with softness in your heart, genuine friendship and love and forgiveness that allows you both to let go and move on.

...or if you could talk with each other openly and freely like you used to, feel connected again and truly enjoy each other's company?

...or simply being seen for who you really are and being free to be you.

This is possible. In fact, from what I have discovered, I would say that this is the most important thing you can possibly learn from relationships. But it is important to know how to do it the right way so it is powerful and transformative. That's what "Open Your Heart" is all about.

It's a simple 12 step formula that unlocks your heart, even if you have been hurt over and over again.

It is arranged in 12 lessons, each taking approximately 30 minutes:

  1. How to let go of stress, worry and anxiety and find peace of mind.
  2. How to identify your dissatisfaction in a powerful way that prepares you to let it go.
  3. How to say goodbye to the inner victim who is keeping you stuck in the past and won't let you move on.
  4. How to clearly identify and express your negative feelings in a way that releases them.
  5. How to recognise your own part in the situation and turn it into one of the most powerful life lessons you have ever learned.
  6. How to recognise the true contribution the other person is making to your life and discover natural gratitude and appreciation - no need to pretend or fake it!
  7. How to forgive with your heart so you can connect and feel love for each other again.
  8. How to totally forgive yourself and release years of blame, anger and resentment.
  9. How to connect with what you really really want for yourself.
  10. How (and why) to put yourself first - without being selfish.
  11. How to make a powerful commitment to yourself and your own life that will take you forward feeling more authentically you than ever before.
  12. How to make peace in all your relationships and discover the joy of being in your heart most of the time.

And these are the kinds of results you can expect:

Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Build trust again.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Feel content and loving while sharing a life with someone who has emotionally hurt you on and off for many years.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Come to peace with a partner who may never truly accept you for who you are.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Deal with the remnants of old relationship pain, even if the person has passed away or is no longer part of your life.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Discover what you can do when your child or parent rejects you and you feel powerless to do anything about it.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Release your inner victim and feel powerful again.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Put the past behind you with no residual guilt, shame or lingering emotional pain or anxiety?
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Forgive and forget.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Have an inner knowing when to give up on the relationship and when to keep going.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Find a true path between being able to manifest whatever you desire and not being able to control other people's lives.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Tips and techniques for emptying your mind of negative thoughts and pointless mental conversations.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Experience for yourself what a healed relationship actually looks and feels like.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Reach the 'big click' - where it all suddenly begins to make perfect sense and you actually feel grateful for everything that's happened (amazingly!).
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Love yourself more than you ever have before - and understand just how important that is.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Forgive in a way that transforms the other person as well.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Discover the true you, in the middle of your greatest and most painful moments - this is the real gold because once you understand it you will never forget.

What's in the course?

For each of the 12 lessons you will find written instructions along with an audio relaxation/meditation, a video and some journaling or writing. Everything is explained clearly and simply, using audio, video and text. It's easy to follow and suits different learning styles. And it's logically laid out, step by step. As long as you follow all the steps, in order, it works.

Each step takes approximately 30 minutes. If you like to delve more deeply into things you can expand that through your journaling and reflection, but it's not necessary if you prefer to move more quickly.

The learning is practical and emotional, not intellectual. The whole course is heart-based. All you need to get started is the desire to change and the willingness to look at things from a different perspective.

Once you have completed the course once you can use it over and over again. The final section contains a condensed version, which only takes one to two hours. You can use this at any time with any relationship problems you come across in the future.

What do other people say about Open Your Heart?

"So far, I've done Open Your Heart on two of the three most significant relationships in my life and I'm totally blown by what it has given me. In one I finally have much needed peace, and in the other, I feel more capable of loving and caring for them. But more importantly, I've noticed that I feel freer and more confident in other parts of my life as a direct result of doing this work. The 'medicine' (Open Your Heart) is extraordinary, but the 'side effects' are totally off the chart!" ~ A. S., Santa Fe, NM

"This course can be life changing when sincere about doing it honestly and as fully as possible. I don't mean to say it has to be done with any perfection ;) It has something to offer anyone at any level and it continues to give with time, reflection and practice. It is completely easy to follow due to beautifully guided description, meditation and video. It really was life changing for me and I have no doubt that with more use I will continue to grow and change into the authentic person I have always wanted to be. I have been down many many roads in my goal to accomplish this and this has exceeded most if not all of those roads." Cheryl Eskra, Saint Paul, Minnesota

"This is such a beautiful and releasing experience. We all carry unnecessary burdens and cling to them until we say "yes" to one of life's opportunities to unburden ourselves. This was one such opportunity and I'm so grateful for this opening door (and I've learned more doors ahead are waiting to open up) and for Sarah's clear, wise and professional attitude throughout the process. In this process we heal ourselves – it's a very personal, whole-hearted experience – but there's a thread that comes with us to guide us to the efficient way and uplift us so we don't get lost, demotivated, skip any step or jump off track. Thank you for being that thread, Sarah!" Isabel, Madeira

"I've done it twice so far and cannot describe just how helpful it has been in my life."

"I will be using this process many more times and I really hope so many other people will! Again, thank YOU for living your mission in a way that helps to enlighten and beautify lives all over the world.


"This would have to be one of the most liberating experiences EVER." Tiffany Litherland

"Oh, I have so much forgiving and hugging to do."


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Sarah  McCrum
Sarah McCrum

About the instructor

Hi, I’m Sarah. I teach people how to care for their personal energy so they never burn out. Ultimately my goal is for you to have an outstanding personal and business life - combining success with happiness and inner peace.

I trained with Chinese masters for 22 years, spent 10 years making radio programmes for the BBC and in 2000 I created a business that brought this knowledge to thousands of leaders of large and small businesses in London (including Virgin Media, HP, the global leaders of banks and financial institutions and many others).

I now live in Melbourne, Australia, and I coach 7 figure business owners and their teams, along with leaders in some large corporations.

What's included?

12 Videos
26 Texts
12 Audios
6.0 hrs

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