Listen deeply to the wisdom that lies within you

If you'd like to make better decisions it's essential to be able to reflect, expand your awareness and tap into your deep wisdom. This is a short course to help you access deeper aspects of yourself.

Tap into your natural intuition

When you listen to the quiet voice within you, it guides you intuitively to make better decisions. You let go of the noise inside your head and find a peaceful place where you can consider all your options and find an optimal solution.

What's included?

  • 01

    A framework for making wise decisions

    • Introduction

    • The framework

    • Activation: Make wise decisions

  • 02

    Meditation to access your inner wisdom

    • Wisdom meditation

  • 03

    How to connect with your higher self

    • What is your higher self?

    • ​How to make contact with your higher self

    • ​How to ask questions and get a response from your higher self

    • ​How to have a conversation with your higher self

    • Activation: Connect with your Higher Self

    • +20 Guidance on connecting with your Higher Self

  • 04

    Relaxations for connecting with your inner guidance

    • Receiving guidance - 9 mins

    • Summon your guides - 21 mins

    • Journal your inner guidance

  • 05

    Handling resistance

    • ​How to deal with the noise in your mind when you want to connect with your inner wisdom

  • 06

    Learn More

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