Course curriculum

  • 01
    A framework for making wise decisions
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    • Introduction
    • The framework
    • Activation: Make wise decisions
  • 02
    Meditation to access your inner wisdom
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    • Wisdom meditation
  • 03
    How to connect with your higher self
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    • What is your higher self?
    • ​How to make contact with your higher self
    • ​How to ask questions and get a response from your higher self
    • ​How to have a conversation with your higher self
    • Activation: Connect with your Higher Self
    • +20 Guidance on connecting with your Higher Self
  • 04
    Relaxations for connecting with your inner guidance
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    • Receiving guidance - 9 mins
    • Summon your guides - 21 mins
    • Journal your inner guidance
  • 05
    Handling resistance
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    • ​How to deal with the noise in your mind when you want to connect with your inner wisdom