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  • Outcome

    The first section below is based on specific results or outcomes you want to create in your life.

  • Commitment

    The second section below is based on how much time you want to commit to your next step.

  • Budget

    The third section below is based on how much money you want to invest in your learning at this stage.

If you want to check your money score

The Money Scorecard asks you 40 questions about your relationship with money, work, purpose and financial organisation. It gives you a score on how healthy your relationship with money is. You will receive a personalised PDF report via email and you can use this to help you decide what to work on next.

If you want to transform your relationship with money

If you experience fear or worry about money I recommend you start with the Introduction to Thank You Money. It's a free course that will show you how you can do more good, make more money and feel amazing.

If you want to work light instead of working hard

If you work to hard or you're burning out, I recommend you read the FREE ebook, Work Lighter, Get Richer. it will show you how to have an easier, more relaxed and more productive time as you work to make money.

If you want to connect money with your purpose

If purpose is your main motivation and you're all about changing the world for the better, I recommend you read the FREE ebook, The Gamechanger's Journey. It will show you how to turn your challenges into beautiful outcomes.

If you need help to heal a relationship

If you have a relationship which is hurting or has hurt you in the past, I recommend you learn the Open Your Heart Process. It's incredibly powerful for healing any kind of relationship pain and connecting you more deeply with yourself

If you want energy activations for daily practice

If you're looking for audios that help you relax and shift your energy I recommend you check out our activation collections, based around topics including money, healing, self-love and working light. You will also find transformances, which are short, beautiful activations with music composed by Gary Malkin.

If you need healing

If you have a short or long-term health issue, or you're recovering from any kind of trauma, here is a special collection of energy activations that will help you with energy healing.

If you're looking for an instant fix

All our energy activations are designed to help you change your mood and energy right now. They range from 2 to 40 minutes. We sell them in collections, based on topics, so you can build your strength over time through daily practice.

If you're looking for a quick introduction

If you want to learn something in the next one to two days, I recommend you choose one of these free ebooks. They will help you decide what you're most interested in learning next.

If you're looking for a short course

There are several short courses that you can complete in a few hours or up to several days. They will help you make a transformation in your energy and change an outcome in your life.

If you'd like something for a few months

If you'd like to immerse yourself in learning a new way of working, transforming your relationship with money and upgrading your energy in a beautiful way, I recommend you do Thank You Money, Part 1. It takes 4 months and the results are remarkable.

If you're looking for long-term transformation

If you're ready for significant, lasting change and you're willing to commit to the process wholeheartedly, Thank You Money: The Art of Living Generously is the solution. It takes one year. It's simple but deep and its effects are life-long.

Free of charge

These ebooks are all free and you can learn a lot by reading them.

Under $30

The best place to start is by reading my book, "Love Money, Money Loves You." If you're on a tight budget, you can use this book to teach you the basics and get to a point where you can afford to join a course.

$35 to $100

I recommend you do a short course that will enable you to make a significant transformation in one area of your life.


Each element (one-month module) of Thank You Money costs US$200 and contains a rich array of learning that will bring fast results. I recommend you start on Element 1 or 2.


If you're ready to invest more in transforming your relationship with money, yourself and you're life, I recommend you join the Thank You Money program. The return on investment is both tangible and subtle - and it's very beautiful

Payment Plans

If you prefer split up your payment over several months, I recommend you look at one of the payment plans for Thank You Money. There's something there for every level of budget.

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  • What's holding you back
  • Anything else you think we need to know

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