Energy On Demand

Master your personal energy and never burn out

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This course is for you if you want more energy

It’s for you if you have very little time, work far too hard, never stop thinking and know that this is not sustainable.

You are the kind of person I’ve worked with for the last 20 years and I want to share my experience with you.

I’m not going to give you the facts and figures about why you should do something about your energy or what the latest science says about it. If you don’t have enough energy you know you need to do something about it, and you don’t need to waste any time filling up your head with more to think about. One thing is for sure − your head is already too full and you’re craving relief and inner peace.

Having more energy is the key to inner peace

I’m going to give you a very easy way to solve the problem − it may even seem too easy and hard to believe at times. And I’m going to ask you to trust the process I will introduce and simply follow it so you can find out for yourself how it works.

In the course you will learn 6 ways to increase your energy.

  1. Relax
    This is the simplest and fastest way to boost your energy.
  2. Balance your energy
    You'll have more peace as you become less extreme in your energy levels.
  3. Recharge your energy
    Simple way to recharge whenever you need a top-up.
  4. Sustain your energy
    How to make energy part of your lifestyle.
  5. Expand your energy
    How to become more powerful and more fulfilled.
  6. Supercharge your energy
    Special ways to give a special lift to your energy

What other people say

“Running a family of five and a business with my husband is no longer stressful.”
Juliana Horsfield, Sales Director, Smirk Lighting

“I have been taking time to relax every day, and it is helping me cope with my daily work demands... especially in being able to come home and be present for my wife.”
Mahesh Kamat, Microsoft

“I have realised how to live with truth, love and connection in everything I do; and that I can do this without being disconnected from the current realities of my professional and community life.”
Jeremy Harris, partner, Gill McKerrow

I'm in bigger deals and playing in a larger field with a deeper sense of comfort than I used to have in smaller arenas. That sense of expansion has been huge. I know that's a direct result of relaxing."
Dave Smith, geologist and leader in the mining industry

"Managing personal health challenges and building a business left me drained with no energy, no enjoyment and no time to spend doing the things that I love. Sarah's courses have taught me how to manage my energy, relax, let go and recharge. I have been amazed at how effective Sarah's techniques have been and the huge effect that this has had on my energy levels. I no longer run out of puff and my personal resilience has increased exponentially, which is a great attribute in business. I highly recommend Sarah's techniques to assist busy professional people to have an exceptional life."
Tracey Hynes, Founder, Maternity Care Consulting

What you get

Two courses are included in this bundle. Energy On Demand is the course of my book with the same name. It includes the text of the book, broken up into short sections instead of long chapters, along with some exercises which are recorded as audios so you can follow them and do them as often as you want.

It also includes the 5 Day Energy Charge. This is a series of 5 audio relaxations which will help you increase your energy in the next 5 days.

Energy On Demand includes these courses

The 5 Day Energy Charge
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Energy On Demand
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