What are activations?

The fastest way to change your mood or boost your energy is to listen to an activation. They work immediately, as you listen. You don't need to do anything except sit back and relax.

An activation combines relaxation, deep reflection and an energetic activation on a specific topic. Relaxation opens you up, increases your energy and creates mental peace. Reflection expands your consciousness. Activation of your energy is like germinating the seeds of new behaviour, which will grow over time.

If you want to build your energy capacity, doing a daily activation is like going to the gym. You'll find yourself getting emotionally and energetically stronger through regular practice. 

Activations are a core part of all of Sarah's programs, and listening to them makes it much easier for you to get results in all areas of your life.

Two different types of activation

In the Activation Collections below you will find 20 energy activations based on a theme. Each activation lasts approximately  20 to 30 minutes.

These are perfect for daily practice, especially if you want to do a 20 or 30-day challenge. Choose your topic and listen to an activation once or twice a day. You'll experience a significant improvement in the chosen area of your life. 

The second is called a Transformance (please scroll down the page). This is a short activation with music, created by Sarah McCrum and Gary Malkin. They are exceptionally powerful for getting in touch with your true self. 

Listen to a Transformance whenever you want a rapid change of mood and energy, or a deep and heart-touching inner experience. 

The Transformances are arranged in themed collections and make a beautiful alternative to a longer activation.